Rewriting job-search history, together

Sprinkled throughout the world, our writers are rooted in a passion for empowering others. Whether it means editing cover letters beachside or formatting resumes from the comfort of home, writing for Talent Inc. provides a unique opportunity to work from any spot on the globe, while maintaining a stable and rewarding job.

We approach our work with radical empathy and expect all of our teammates, from customer care to design, to do the same. Our dream writer is a thorough, compassionate, and independent individual with an eye for detail and big heart for helping others.

A smiling Talent Inc. writer working.

Benefits & Perks

  • Flexible hours

    Build a schedule that works for you and maintain that sweet, sweet work/life balance.

  • Work from anywhere

    Make the world your office. Work without limits from any place with WiFi or even in your pajamas — we won’t judge.

  • Community

    Learn and grow with a community of talented writers and career professionals.

  • Steady stream of work opportunities

    Stable income means peace of mind. You can rest assured you’ll have plenty of work to pay the bills.

Aside from the fact that I love words and working with the diversity of our clients, I can take my work everywhere I go. I have worked from a plane on the way to London, from the beach, and from the comfort of my own home office.

Tsena, a Talent Inc. employee smilingTsena, Senior Resume Writer

Open Positions

Operations & Client Support

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