TopResume Reveals the Truth About Resume Lies

New Survey Says: Dishonesty Can Cost You the Job Offer

NEW YORK (September 4, 2018)  When it comes to the job search, a little lie can go a long way – and not in the right direction for a candidate seeking an offer. According to a new survey conducted by TopResume, 97 percent of the respondents admitted that discovering a resume lie would cause them to reconsider – if not immediately dismiss – a job candidate. However, it is the type of lie that had the greatest impact on their decision-making process.

Between August 8 and August 21, TopResume, the largest resume-writing service in the world, asked 629 professionals, of which nearly half are human resources professionals, recruiters, or hiring managers, to rank the seriousness of 14 categories of lies. The following list prioritizes the five biggest offenses from most serious to least serious:

  • academic degree (89%)

  • criminal record (88%)

  • certifications and licenses (85%)

  • work experience (84%)

  • technical skills and proficiencies (75%)

“While some job seekers may not think including an exaggeration, or even an outright lie, on their resume is a big deal, our recent survey reveals it can cost them the job – it’s just not worth it,” said Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for TopResume, a certified professional career coach (CPCC), and a certified professional resume writer (CPRW). “Instead of lying about employment gaps or other possible red flags, you can strategically leverage the interview as an opportunity to explain certain details of your resume. Lying during the job search is typically a deal-breaker for most employers, so do it at your own risk.”

Below are additional results from TopResume’s recent survey that uncovered the truths about resume lies:

  • 78% of respondents have spotted a candidate lying on a resume

  • 48% said lying would cost a candidate the job, while 49% said it would depend

  • 66% of respondents' employers always perform background checks

  • 57% claim they know someone who has embellished the truth on their resume

On an ongoing basis, TopResume’s data science team compiles nationwide data from their customers to better understand current behavioral trends in the job market. Visit TopResume’s Career Advice blog to see their latest tips for coaching the modern job seeker through their search.

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