Talent Inc. Announces Majority Investment in Lloyd To Offer Career Coaching, Optimizing and Personalizing the Job-Search Experience

NEW YORK (June 27, 2023)Talent Inc., the leading digital resource and trusted advisor to job seekers worldwide, today announced an acquisition of Lloyd, a New York City-based startup that provides coaching-as-a-service at scale to businesses and schools. As a result of the transaction, career-driven professionals can learn how to plan and execute various short- and longer-term career strategies, such as how to ace the first 90 days in a new job and successfully ask for a raise. 

“At Lloyd, we have perfected an unparalleled career-coaching product to bring a ‘human touch’ to career navigation,” said Nikki Gusz, Lloyd’s Chief Operating Officer, who co-founded the company in 2020 with her brother Dan Gusz, Chief Executive Officer. “It’s exciting to see our unique offerings being elevated to the next level by becoming part of Talent’s rich ecosystem of innovative and industry-leading services.”

Through Talent’s suite of brands, which includes TopResume, TopCV, TopInterview, Career.io, and Resume.io, job seekers gain access to award-winning tools and services to help them improve their careers, including resume creation, resume review, career planning, and interview preparation.

“We now can offer professionals the ‘human touch’ of career coaching to an otherwise automated and ‘bot-fueled’ job search — all with one convenient platform,” said Byron Matthews, Chief Executive Officer of Talent Inc. “Lloyd’s personal focus on career coaching, coupled with our AI-powered services and tools, enables us to empower even more individuals to take control of their careers​ and ​reach their fullest potential.”

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  • About Talent Inc.

    Talent Inc. was founded in 2014 with the mission to help job seekers navigate career changes and differentiate themselves in a competitive job market. Through its suite of brands, Talent provides professional resume writing, professional CV writing and interview preparation coaching. For more information, please visit https://www.talentinc.com.

  • About Lloyd

    Founded in 2020 in New York City, Lloyd scales one-on-one coaching through a combination of technology, workflows, integrations, and high-quality UX, lowering the costs and burdens of traditional coaching. The company works with higher-education institutions, workforce organizations, individuals, and employers to ensure they support learners and employees in reaching their career goals.

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