Rewriting job-search history, together

Sprinkled throughout the world, our career professionals are rooted in a passion for empowering others. Whether it means editing cover letters beachside, crafting resumes in a coffee shop, or coaching job seekers on their interview skills from the comfort of home, working for Talent Inc. provides a unique opportunity to work from any spot on the globe, while maintaining a stable and rewarding job. 

We approach our work with radical empathy and expect all of our teammates, from customer care to design, to do the same. Our dream candidates are thorough, compassionate, and independent individuals with an eye for detail and a big heart for helping others.

Benefits & Perks

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    Flexible hours that work for you

    Build a schedule that works for you, and maintain that sweet, sweet work/life balance.

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    Access to professional resources & support

    Access to our Knowledge Base that's filled with resources, templates, and tutorials to learn and grow as a career professional.

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    Ability to work from anywhere

    Make the world your office. Work without limits from any place with WiFi or even in your pajamas — we won’t judge.

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    A side hustle you can count on

    Supplement your income on a consistent basis.

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Aside from the fact that I love words and working with the diversity of our clients, I can take my work everywhere I go. I have worked from a plane on the way to London, from the beach, and from the comfort of my own home office.

Tsena, Senior Resume Writer

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