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First impressions matter.

Talent Inc. builds career brands to help people achieve their professional goals. We are the largest producer of professional content and career correspondence in the world.

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We Make Talent Stand Out From The Crowd

First impressions matter. Talent Inc. is built on the fundamentals of career preparedness. We analyze and write more resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and employment correspondence than any other service in the world. Our multidisciplinary team is constantly honing our parsing and keyword optimization algorithms. With the advantage and influence of data, we make talent stand out.

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To Maximize Career Growth

How much have you spent on your education? How much have you invested in your career?

The Talent Inc. Writer's Network is comprised of hundreds of on-demand Career Professionals, available in 12 countries, who work around the clock and across the globe to advance careers. By leveraging our talented writers and our proprietary technology, we are able to write great resumes, CVs, and other career correspondence that help job seekers stand above the competition.

[ How ]

By Redefining How Job Seekers Brand Themselves.

The brands we've built have helped us corner the market of personal career branding. On the consumer side, we are the featured partner of over 100 job boards from across the globe. Internally, we routinely solve large-scale marketing challenges with a mix of raw-data, intuition, ingenuity, and industry-standard analytics tools.

We're in the business of building brands that last.

We have the good fortune to be the Featured Partner of over 100 job boards from across the globe. Want to partner with us?

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